FAQs / How To

FAQs / How To…

1. What is this online store?
    - An online site for NYARNG Recruiters to order marketing materials. This online store was created with the needs of Recruiters in mind. In the past, you were given a CD with different marketing materials available to you. Requesting marketing materials may have been cumbersome and time-consuming. With this all-new online marketing store, we’re streamlining the ordering process enabling you to view and order all banners, posters, flyers, etc. online at any time! The NYARNG Marketing department can keep you current with what is available instead of waiting for a CD once a year. Orders are transmitted immediately allowing the NYARNG Marketing Department to more quickly and efficiently process your requests.

2. What marketing items are available to me, and how can I view them?
    a. All the marketing materials available to you are broken down into Main Categories and Sub-Categories (themes) within each Main Category. Along the top right side of the Home page you will see blue tabs with the following main category names: Banners, Business Cards, Flyers, MISC, Plaques, Posters, RRPIs, Retractable Banners, Tearoffs. Each main category has sub-category themes, i.e. Adventure, Disaster Relief, Education, etc.

    b. There are two ways to view the products available:
        i.  Click on the main category blue tab you wish to view
        ii. Or hover over the main category blue tab with your mouse, a drop-down box will appear, then click on one of the sub-category themes under that main category.

    c. If you clicked directly on the main category blue tab, at the top you will see rectangle icons with different sub-category themes. You may click on the icon to view all items with that particular theme, or you may scroll down to view all available items within that main category.

3. How do I place an order?
    a. Choose (click on) the item you wish to order.
    b. A new screen will appear with a picture of the item as well as fields for you to use to personalize your item. You may click on the picture of the item to enlarge it for better viewing.

    c. Fill in ONLY the fields you wish to have placed on your item. For example, enter your rank, first and last name, your mobile number and your email address. Leave all other fields blank, otherwise that information will be printed on your marketing item.

    d. Enter the quantity you want.
    e. Click on ‘Add to Cart’.

    f. At this point you can either ‘Proceed to Checkout’ or you can continue shopping.
    g. If you are done shopping, click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’.
    h. You will then see a ‘Checkout – Contact Information’ page. Please fill in all fields with your contact information. This is for internal use only and does not affect your marketing items. ALL of these fields are mandatory.  Next, click on ‘Continue with order’.

    i. A summary screen will appear. Check that your contact information is correct, then click on ‘Place Order’.

    j. You will then see a confirmation page thanking you for your order. You will also receive an email stating that your order has been placed with all the details of your order, as seen below.

4. Do I need an approval from my NCOIC?
    - No, not for the items requested on this site. You must still get your NCOIC’s approval for anything requiring money, i.e. paid advertising, events, etc.

5. How do I request something that is not on the site?
    - Email your request to SFC Guadagnino at anthony.j.guadagnino.mil@mail.mil. This also applies to any paid advertising or events.
    - Also, any poster can be made into a flyer or tearoff.  Just choose the poster of the artwork you want, then indicate that you want it as a flyer or poster in the "Other Personalization Info or Special Requests" section of personalization fields.

6. How long will it take to receive my order?
    - All orders will be processed within two weeks (or less) of receipt. You must follow up with your Supply NCO to see when your items have been picked up from Battalion HQ.